School of the Art Institute of Chicago

DCASE New City INVEST South West Artist-In-Residence Program Finalist
Competitive Excellence Award
SAIC Honors Merit Scholar
Bank of America Scholar
Chicago Westside ACT-SO Gold

Group Exhibitions
SAIC Galleries 2022
Comfort Station 2022, 2021
Studio Nez 2022
ASM Instructor Forum 2022, 2021, 2020
Hairpin Arts Center 2019
Gallery Squared 2019
Pilsen Festival 2018
The Baltimore Convention Center 2017
Mars Gallery 2017
AM/FM 2017
Ageless Arts Studios 2017
Expo 72 2017, 2016
The Art Institute of Chicago 2016, 2015

I was born, raised, and currently am making a rumpus in Little Village, Chicago. I am a visual artist and make work that establishes my immortality. My work originates from visions and my process involves introspection, commonly via writing and layman-crafts. I find inspiration in popular culture that is unique to my urban Mexican-American background. I enjoy portraiture and surrealism. My early drawings and paintings respond to Chicago’s South Side underground punk and DIY scene of the late 2010s. I have since focused on more personal multimedia projects such as Trauma Time Travel. My pursuit is to deploy idiosyncratic imagery under an everlasting itch to comprehend my psyche and encourage others to do the same.

I feel a sense of urgency and responsibility to connect first-generation and low-income youth with the massive opportunities offered in their very own cities. I am the most passionate about the role that social engagement and community building play in the success and happiness of each person. My involvement in education began as concern for public health and wellbeing. Education is what I am most interested in and I happen to be an artist. My intuitive creative practice drives me to believe in socially engaged art as a requirement for progress. My priority is youth hindered by socio-economics in America’s urban infrastructures that are isolated and create resource disparities. 

The egalitarian community of the DIY Punk scene in Little Village was my introduction to cultural community organizing. My education philosophy includes community building, and collaboration, over more authoritative top down structures. Understanding where our youth are coming from has me prioritize a youth-centered and choice-based approach. Research and technical skill development are important to the curriculum, and so is integrating soft-skills such as MHA Labs which is crucial for a young person's development. I am influenced by the work of Reggio Emilia with young children, which includes play and nature-based learning. I incorporate Buddhist practices of mindfulness, loving kindness, and experiencing joy in the learning environment, which I believe contribute to collective and individual wellbeing.