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Cry of Hope

Photo by Heriberto Gallegos
Photograph of building 2620 W Cermak Rd, Chicago IL 60608

This image serves as evidence of an archive based research project in which Heriberto Gallegos takes on Cry of Hope, an extension of Trauma-Time Travel, a personal endeavor of  Helen Sanchez-Cortes. Trauma-Time Travel is an ongoing artistic multimedia project in which Sanchez-Cortes attempts to recreate, replicate, and ultimately immerse herself in fabricated environments that facilitate a sense of closure. In this instance, Cry of Hope researches the history of an apartment and commercial building located near Cermak and Western, in the Little Village Neighborhood on the Southwest side of Chicago. What makes this building significant, is it's scarce history, in particular, historic details that highlight homelessness, poverty, and displacement in the immediate community. The building stands at 2620 W Cermak Rd, Chicago IL 60608, between La Cruzada Misionera, a house of prayer, and Fuller's Car Wash. Currently, the ground-level commercial space hosts Al A Carte Food Mart, a small, corner store style shop. Prior to this, a hair salon. However, before being unoccupied, and then serving the neighborhood publicly, The Great Hope Family Center privately housed women and children, while simultaneously and separately housing men as well. As a child, Sanchez-Cortes was housed here with her mother in the years 2005 and 2006 and has vivid bittersweet memories of a place which was once her home. Chicago photographer Heriberto Gallegos was selected to capture the essence of the building, in the process of documenting and creating creative archives. Through his work, local musician and master of architectural photography, Gallegos brings to light discourse that challenges concepts of site abandonment, urban planning, historic preservation, and funding.


Shark Sleep

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